Sad news – almost 400 nestlings seized!!!

On Sept 19th, after receiving an anonymous call, the Environmental Military Police made the seizure of 377 offspring of parrots – the largest ever held in Mato Grosso do Sul. Fifty-three, out of the 377 nestlings, died. Fifteen were yellow-faced parrots (Amazona xanthops), and the rest were blue-fronted parrots (A. aestiva). The parrots were being transported in boxes of vegetables and came from Ivinhema (approximately 290 km from Campo Grande) and the smugglers were using kids to collect the nestlings and eggs from the nests. The animals were brought to the Center for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals (CRAS) in Campo Grande, where they are receiving health care from the CRAS personnel, under the coordination of Vinicius Andrade Lopes.s5032856.JPGs5032852.JPG Sadly, the blue-fronted amazon parrot is still illegally collected in Brazil. It is a very popular parrot, due its ability to mimic sounds – being able to imitate words and phrases. This illegal capture directly decreases the recruitment of this species, and compromises its ability for further reproduction, as most of the nest-cavities are destroyed by the smugglers in order to gain access to the nests. These animals will stay at least for one year at CRAS and might be released after that.s5032850.JPGs5032848.JPGsetembro-2008-035.jpg I met with Vinicius to discuss the necessary strategies in order to prevent the illegal wildlife trade, as raise public awareness and monitoring. It is very sad for us to see all these animals, knowing that they are only a small fraction of all the animals captured every year. But we will keep fighting for them and their environment. We will use all our efforts to fight against the illegal wildlife trade, and aware public about the importance of this and all the other wildlife species in Pantanal. We won’t give up. We will never give up.

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4 respostas para Sad news – almost 400 nestlings seized!!!

  1. paula disse:

    Hi Lucia, this is terrible news. With such an enormous seizure surely somebody somewhere knows who is doing this. Is there any legal action being taken?


  2. Annie disse:

    How sad those poor babies!God bless you all for never giving up and fighting for these animals!


  3. Monica disse:

    If you are gonna take care of them , don’t put them in freaking boxes. That’s horrible!


  4. Hi Monica

    The long-term effect is the severe decline in the recruitment for this species. Nine out of 10 nestlings removed collected will die before it gets to the final buyer. They die of dehydration, starvation, and diseases. And if this was not enough, the ones that survive have a small chance to be reintroduced.

    During transportation, smugglers usually pack dozens of nestlings in tiny little boxes, dirty, wet and cold, no food, no water. The boxes you see in the images in this posts do a great job on keeping them warm and clean, and perfectly contribute to the rehabilitation of the nestlings. And although caring for 400 nestlings is not an easy job, the personnel responsible for taking care of them at CRAS do an excellent job and have extensive experience on handling this situation.
    On 2008, a total of 788 nestlings were seized at Campo Grande and taken to CRAS. And, thanks to the 20-year experience and dedication of their personnel, the vast majority survived. They are now being relocated and some of them may even return to nature.
    The Blue-fronted Parrot Project has been working very hard to fight against the illegal animal trade, and hope to bring to an end this sad situation.

    Thank you for your post, and please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question/comment! And keep an eye in the blog, as better news are coming soon!

    Taiana and Glaucia


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