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Monitoramento da reprodução de outras espécies de Psitacideos

Como no mês passado os papagaios verdadeiros voaram devido ao fim da temporada reprodutiva, neste mês de janeiro, a equipe do Projeto Papagaio focou no monitoramento da reprodução de outras duas espécies de psitacídeos: o príncipe negro (Aratinga nenday) e … Continuar lendo

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Trabalho de campo

Acabamos de voltar de mais uma viagem ao Pantanal, dessa vez para monitorar o início do período reprodutivo dos papagaios e outros psitacídeos do Pantanal.  Ao todo foram cerca de 100 cavidades-ninhos, vistoriados por nossa equipe. Ovos de Papagaio Verdadeiro … Continuar lendo

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The Blue-fronted Amazon Project in Scotland!

Yesterday, David Perpinan, one of our collaborators, gave a talk about the life history of the Blue-fronted Amazon, featuring our Project! The talk was part of the Parrot Evening, an evening of small talks directed to the clients of the … Continuar lendo

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Blue-fronted Amazon Project on Facebook!

Hi all! I want to let you know that the Blue-fronted Amazon Project has also a Facebook account, where you can find all the news in Portuguese! Make sure to check it out (and like it!)! :)

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It is now time to “give a hand” to the parrots!

The reproductive season of the blue-fronted amazon and other psittacine birds at the Pantanal is about to begin! With this in mind, Vandir and Veronica went to Pantanal for another field trip. They inspected every nest cavity recorded over the 18 … Continuar lendo

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Pantanal is in full flood!

We just got back from a field trip to the Pantanal. It is wet season and, as expected, the Pantanal is completely flooded. And it is also even more spectacular, showing up all its biodiversity! With the torrential summer rains, … Continuar lendo

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A trip to Serra do Amolar

Thanks to our partnership with the “Instituto Homem Pantaneiro” (IHP) from Corumbá, the Blue-fronted Amazon Project went, from Nov 20th to 22nd, to Serra do Amolar. Serra do Amolar is located on the north of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso … Continuar lendo

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Check out the new video of female parrot and nestling!!

We are sorry  for the gap on the postings. 2010 has been a busy year for all of us. But we are back, with new posts, pictures and videos! From August to November 2010 we registered the reproductive activity of … Continuar lendo

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Happy Holidays!

2009 was a great year for the Project, thanks to all the support and help from people like you, that believed in our work for the parrots and the Pantanal! We wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful 2010! … Continuar lendo

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Parrot parental care – Watch this amazing video!!

During the past two months, Vandir, Veronica, Thyago and I have been monitoring a nest of blue-fronted Amazon with a microcamera in Pantanal. And now we share with you this fantastic video, which is the first record of a parental … Continuar lendo

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