Continuation of the thematic month

We are still at the field, working with the activities of the thematic month. The guests who are visiting the Refugio Ecologico Caiman ( are having so much fun! Our externs (Lorena, Diana and Veronica) lecture to the guests, with the help of Caiman guides (Fábio, Helder, Leonardo, Vitinho and Daiana). Adult at the nestDiana giving a lecture  Guests going to the roosting site  Guests checking a nest When checking the nests, the guest had the chance to see 3 little cute nestlings, with about 10-15 days old!!Besides visiting the collective roosting site of the parrots, they could enjoy a wonderful sunset, characteristic of the Pantanal.  Three nestlingsSunset at the roosting site   When not with the guest, we monitor nests, eggs, and offspring of this reproductive season.And, on the spare times… Vandir teaches rappel to the externs – technique used to gain access to unreachable nests on the top of trees.Please stay connected! More news coming soon! Vandir teaching rappel to Diana Checking nests 

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