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The ParaTudo Project

The ParaTudo Project is one of the many projects of the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil. This project is a network of “ecommunicators” (ecology + communicators) in the Pantanal and Serra da Bodoquena. This project aims to contribute to the production … Continuar lendo

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Meet our headquarters and staff – Neotropica Foundation of Brazil

Dear followers, as you already know, the Blue-Fronted Amazon Project is run by the NEOTROPICA FOUNDATION OF BRAZIL (NFB); a non-profit non-governmental organization. But what you may not know is that NFB is physically located in a gorgeous small city, … Continuar lendo

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Introducing Gláucia

Glaucia Seixas began her career at a Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, which every year receives, rehabilitees and find a destiny for hundreds of nestlings of Blue-fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva). These birds are captured from their nests at Pantanal, Brazil for … Continuar lendo

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