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Um fotógrafo no campo

Queridos amigos, No começo desse mês tivemos uma visita especial em uma de nossas viagens de campo! Victor Moriyama é um fotógrafo (Revista Horizonte Geográfico), e foi com a gente monitorar os papagaios. Olhem só as fotos incríveis que ele fez! … Continuar lendo

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Feeding Ecology of the Blue-fronted Amazon

On the first part of my PhD dissertation, I analyzed the feeding behavior of the Blue-fronted Amazon. Once a month, from July 2005 to Dec 2007, my team and I used trails in different environments in Pantanal to observe the … Continuar lendo

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12-year study of the Blue-fronted Amazon in Pantanal

Hi everyone! I think I need to start apologizing for the lack of posts for the past few months… The Project continues very active, with many field trips. But I have been super busy finalizing my PhD dissertation (on Ecology … Continuar lendo

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The 2009 arrival…

Many days have passed since my last post, and, sadly, many other blue fronted nestlings have arrived at the CRAS (Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center/Environmental Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul state)… A total of 788 seized nestlings were brought to … Continuar lendo

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Sad news – almost 400 nestlings seized!!!

On Sept 19th, after receiving an anonymous call, the Environmental Military Police made the seizure of 377 offspring of parrots – the largest ever held in Mato Grosso do Sul. Fifty-three, out of the 377 nestlings, died. Fifteen were yellow-faced … Continuar lendo

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Approved Donation of Equipments by Idea Wild

We are glad to inform that our proposal submitted to Idea Wild ( was approved! Soon we will receive the donation of the following equipments: a digital scale to weight the nestlings (to replace the one we lost last year), … Continuar lendo

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New partners and support…

During February and March, the field activities of the Project were done under the financial support of Parrots International. The funds were donated trough the representatives Mark e Marie Stafford. I presented them the Project, after the invitation of Dr. … Continuar lendo

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The flood season at Pantanal

The flood season at Pantanal has started. Dr. Sergio Galdino, a researcher at EMBRAPA-Pantanal, explains that Pantanal is a plain surrounded by plateaus where springs of the main Pantanal’s rivers can be found. The large extension of the plain (140,000 … Continuar lendo

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The Project at the XXVII Brazilian Congress of Zoology

Between February 17th and 21st, the externs Veronica and Thayane, which are biology college students, participate at the XXVII Brazilian Congress of Zoology at Curitiba, PR – Brazil. The subject ‘Zoology in the next 30 years’ promoted a huge and … Continuar lendo

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