The “Eco-Initiative of the Month” award – Jan 2008

Since January 2008 the information and results of the Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Project are available at the website “ECO-INDEX: better conservation through communication”. The Eco-Index was launched in 2001 by The Rain Forest Alliance to provide conservation community with a quickly and easily vehicle to share project data and reports, lessons earned, and best practices in a succinct and consistent format.
The Project also received the award “Eco-Initiative of the Month” (!!! We are very happy with this award! Thank you Rainforest Alliance for the recognition of our efforts!!

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3 respostas para The “Eco-Initiative of the Month” award – Jan 2008

  1. F. J. PECHIR disse:




    Very well deserved, congratulations! I was sorry to hear of your lost equipment in your previous post. I hope to make a donation next month to help replace some of it. I can never understand why bad things happen to good people…but that is life. I always enjoy your photos and the good conservation work you are doing to help these birds.


  3. Lucia Cristiana, Brazil disse:

    Congratulations to your very good work. I have two Ararajubas (I received them from people that didn’t want them more – what unfortunately very common). I know how much parrots are beautiful and smart.


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