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Collaboration from a PhD in Applied Ecology

During May, Glaucia, Vandir, and Thayane received Dr. Vivian Ribeiro Baptista-Maria, a biologist and PhD in Applied Ecology from ESALQ/Universidade de São Paulo, accompanied by Daniela Masumoto, a BS in Tourism. During the field trip, Dr. Vivian helped us to … Continuar lendo

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New partners and support…

During February and March, the field activities of the Project were done under the financial support of Parrots International. The funds were donated trough the representatives Mark e Marie Stafford. I presented them the Project, after the invitation of Dr. … Continuar lendo

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Other collaborators of the Project…

Long-term projects like the Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Project are only possible with the participation of several people, professionals on the area or not. Since 1997, tens of professionals and students have collaborated with the Project. Some were working on … Continuar lendo

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