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The Excitement and Setbacks from our last field trip

We have just gotten back from the Pantanal, after a field trip full of exciting findings and setbacks to our research. The exciting findings from this trip were mostly related to the rainy season in Pantanal, which is when farms … Continuar lendo

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Other Psittacine species at Pantanal – MS, Brazil.

Since 2005 the Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Project is also monitoring other Psittacine species at South of Pantanal – Brazil. Our studies are generating data about their diary activity, grouping pattern and habitat use for reproduction, feeding and rest.Among the … Continuar lendo

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Monitoring using radio telemetry and filming nestlings of Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

The end of the reproductive season of the Blue Fronted Parrot is approaching at Pantanal, MS – Brazil. Many nestlings have already done their first flight, while others are still in the nests and should be flying on the next … Continuar lendo

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Growth of the nestlings and researches that are going on

Until October 19th, Glaucia, Vandir and the externs Veronica and Andrea, will be monitoring the growth of Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot nestlings using biometry and checking the development stage. All the eggs have already hatched out and the litters vary … Continuar lendo

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We are at the reproductive season of the Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, Pantanal-Brazil. Lots of work for the team…

Glaucia and Vandir are in the south of Pantanal, investigating a little more about the reproductive biology of the Blue Fronted Parrot. The reproductive season initiates in July, when the couples begin to look for cavities that work as nests; … Continuar lendo

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Nestlings of blue fronted amazon parrot arrested from the illegal animal trade…

These are some of the 186 nestlings arrested by the environmental inspection, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. They were caught from their nests just after hatching by illegal animal dealers, without any criteria. After that, they would be illegally … Continuar lendo

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Introducing Gláucia

Glaucia Seixas began her career at a Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, which every year receives, rehabilitees and find a destiny for hundreds of nestlings of Blue-fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva). These birds are captured from their nests at Pantanal, Brazil for … Continuar lendo

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