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Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot thematic month at the Refugio Ecologico Caiman

During September 2008, we presented our research activities to the guests at the Refúgio Ecológico Caiman ( This activity is called “Mês temático do Projeto Papagaio-verdadeiro” [Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot thematic month] and has as objective to provide the guests a … Continuar lendo

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The 15th Anniversary of Fundacao Neotropica do Brasil

On 1993, a group of friends, concerned about the conservation of natural resources, gathered to create a non-governmental organization called Fundacao Netropica do Brasil. During these 15 year of work, Neotropica promoted and practiced nature conservation at Mato Grosso do … Continuar lendo

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The Project at the XXVII Brazilian Congress of Zoology

Between February 17th and 21st, the externs Veronica and Thayane, which are biology college students, participate at the XXVII Brazilian Congress of Zoology at Curitiba, PR – Brazil. The subject ‘Zoology in the next 30 years’ promoted a huge and … Continuar lendo

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Nestlings of blue fronted amazon parrot arrested from the illegal animal trade…

These are some of the 186 nestlings arrested by the environmental inspection, in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. They were caught from their nests just after hatching by illegal animal dealers, without any criteria. After that, they would be illegally … Continuar lendo

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