The ParaTudo Project

The ParaTudo Project is one of the many projects of the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil. This project is a network of “ecommunicators” (ecology + communicators) in the Pantanal and Serra da Bodoquena. This project aims to contribute to the production of knowledge and raise visibility of these regions. Under the themes of environment and citizenship, free journalism and technology workshops are offered to 100 local people from Bodoquena, Bonito, Corumba, Miranda and Porto Murtinho (20 people from each town). As the project evolves and the participants learn the communication techniques and are stimulated to reflect about the local actualities, a virtual net will be created to allow the communication between these towns.

ParaTudo Logo

The Blue-fronted Amazon Project’s team also world directly with the ParaTudo Project. And by working together, we get stronger  to fight for the conservation of the Pantanal and its fauna (including our parrots!). 

The second workshop of the ParaTudo Project was held in February 2014, and Eduardo Pugurier, from the project’s partner O Eco, wrote a very nice chronicle about it. Check it out!

PS: Paratudo (literally translates to “for everything”) is also how the locals call a tree (Tabebuia aura) whose bark is used as a popular medicine for many illnesses.

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