Meet our headquarters and staff – Neotropica Foundation of Brazil

Dear followers, as you already know, the Blue-Fronted Amazon Project is run by the NEOTROPICA FOUNDATION OF BRAZIL (NFB); a non-profit non-governmental organization. But what you may not know is that NFB is physically located in a gorgeous small city, famous for its natural resources. This city is called BONITO (which literally means beautiful in Portuguese!) and is located about 300 km from Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state.

Neotropica Headquarters - Entrance (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters – Entrance (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters  (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters  (Image: NFB Archive)

Neotropica Headquarters (Image: NFB Archive)

BONITO comprises of an area of 4,934 km² and its population is slightly over 17 thousand. It is a famous tourist destination, especially to those like ecotourism and willing to enjoy the many rivers, waterfalls, and caves in the zone. Snorkeling, diving, hiking and rapelling are some of the most requested tours. But Bonito is also a very special spot for birdwatchers (and you can also to see many other wild animals, such as anteaters!). Tourists from all over the word come to Bonito to see its marvelous avian fauna.

Gláucia Seixas

Gláucia Seixas, the executive director of the NFB (Image: Taiana Costa)

The staff at the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil headquarters is composed of 8 people. You all know GLÁUCIA SEIXAS, the founder and head of the Blue-fronted Amazon Project. She is always on the move, between meetings and field trips. She graduated in zootechny, and has a master and a PhD in Ecology and Conservation. She is the Executive Director of the NFB.

Cecília Brosig

Cecília Brosig (Image: Anne Galvão)

CECÍLIA BROSIG is a biologist and has specialized in translation. She has worked abroad during 4 years (in the US and Latin America), with group training and leadership, environmental education and research. She has experience on developing and implementing educational materials, training on environment and sustainability, and planning and management of protected areas. She has joined the NFB team in August 2012 where she works with many conservation projects at Serra da Bodoquena and Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul.


Giana Alves Corrêa (Image: João Albuquerque)

GIANA ALVES CORRÊA has graduated on business administration. She has worked for 5 years in public institutions, doing all kinds of administrative work (from contracts to budget management). She also worked for 2 years with budget management in the private sector. Since 2009 she works at the administrative department of the NFB.


Mariza Silva (Image: Anne Galvão)

MARIZA SILVA is a biologist, with a Master in Local Development: Environment and Tourism, and a PhD in Environment and Regional Development from the Universidade Anhanguera-UNIDERP. She has large experience on research for nature conservation and social articulation, with emphasis on conflict negotiation and strategic planning, even in international actions. Mariza is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Samuel Duleba (Image: Márcio Kleber Urt)

Samuel Duleba (Image: Márcio Kleber Urt)

SAMUEL DULEBA is a biologist specialized in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management from the PUC-PR and with a Master in Animal Biology from the UFMS. He worked for seven years as a manager at Units of Conservation (RPPN – Private Reserve of Natural Heritage) implementing management actions, developing environmental education activities and promoting the recovery of exploited areas. He has experience on census of reptiles and amphibians populations and on planning and managing protected regions. He joined the NFB in August 2013 where he works with many conservation projects at the Serra da Bodoquena and the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Verónica Ramirez

Verónica Ramirez (Image: Verónica Ramirez)

VERÓNICA RAMIREZ is a biologist, who graduated from the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS, Campo Grande – MS). She has worked with us at the Blue-fronted Project during four years, either as an intern or an externship. Furthermore, Verónica specialized in Didactics in Higher Education, at the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, in Paraguay. She has lectured at the medicine, nursery and pharmacy courses at the Universidad Politecnica y Artistica del Paraguay (UPAP) for two years. She has experience in ornithology and nest entomofauna.

Besides running the Blue-fronted Amazon Project, the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil is also responsible for many other projects related to nature conservation. If you want to learn more about all the projects, please check the NFB web or the NFB facebook page.

And if you happen to come to Bonito, do not hesitate to pay us a visit at our headquarters!!

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