The hunters of good examples!

Be the change you want to see in the world! With this in mind and tired of hearing and watching bad news, the couple Iara and Eduardo Xavier decided to sell their apartment and take off on a 5-year long road trip called “Expedição Caçadores de Bons Exemplos em A Vida é Uma Viagem!” (Expedition Good Examples Hunters in ‘Life is a Journey!’). They are looking for good examples of people and social projects that do make a difference in their local communities.

Since January 2011, they have traveled almost 190,000 km and found more than 920 good examples in Brazil! This month they arrived in Mato Grosso do Sul and in their search for good examples, they got in touch with the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil and the Blue-fronted Amazon Project! We are very happy and honored that they have chosen us as good examples! :)


Eduardo and Iara visiting the Blue-Fronted Amazon Project (Image: Caçadores de Bons Exemplos)


Eduardo and Iara, with our administrative assistant Walter Alexandre Figueiredo, visiting the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil (Image: Caçadores de Bons Exemplos)

This amazing couple believes that there are a lot more good and positive actions in the world than negative ones. Therefore, they are doing this journey with 3 main goals: to inspire people to have good attitudes based on the good examples found (creating a multiplication net); to encourage other people to help whose who are doing these good actions (creating a helping net); and to motivate the good examples, for them to keep working and fighting for their action and dreams.

They share their experiences and all the good examples they find in their website ( and facebook ( They have no religious or political view and receive no financial support. But this does not mean they do not need help! Check you their website for more information on how you can help!

We believe that Iara and Eduardo are VERY GOOD EXAMPLES! We admire and congratulate them for this great initiative and wish them all the best in their trip! We are confident that they are making very good friends and gathering positive energy along this journey!

To Iara and Eduarto, a big and warm hug from the Blue-Fronted Amazon Project and the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil! Have a great and safe trip!

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Uma resposta para The hunters of good examples!

  1. Jimmy disse:

    Only for the actions of such people the world would have already lost so many more species


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