The arrival of 2014…

Happy New Year 2013

And 2013 ends with at least 40 more Blue Fronted Amazon fledglings, which we saw hatch, grow and fly from the nest… This year we have learned more about them and the Pantanal… And now, more than never, it is time to share with everyone, including you, everything we have learned.

With the help of the biologist Anne Zugman, we have presented our puppet theater “On the wings of the wind” for over 3 thousand kids and teens, from 50 schools of Pantanal… But this was just the beginning. For 2014 we want more, we want the parrots to spread the word to every corner, on the importance for them to stay free, flying wild…

2013 was also a sad year, as we lost a very important member o four team (Danilo Seixas), who was an excellent manager of the administration and finances of the project… We believe that, wherever he is now, he is still praying for us and for the project…

But 2013 was also a year of reunions! Great friends (which we have not seen for a long time!) visited us, and cheered us on to and continue fighting for the parrots and not give up! Thank you Alessandra Firmino, Taiana, Tânia, Verónica, David and Guilherme…

And our sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped the Project, either with financial resources (Programa Econs SPVS/HSBC, Parque das Aves, Refúgio Ecológico Caiman), with human resources (CRAS/IMASUL and Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil), or with words and time of support (Neiva Guedes, Marja Milano, Mariza Silva, Yara Barros, Anna Croukamp, Ângela Kuczach, Elenise Sipinski, Patrícia Serafini, among others). Without your help our path would have been much harder…

We now end 2013 with the certainty that we still have much to do for the Blue Fronted Amazons and for the Pantanal… But we are confident that many people are more and more engaged with us in this goal… We have only to thank and wish you all an even better 2014, full of achievements.

A warm hug,

Gláucia Seixas and Team

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Uma resposta para The arrival of 2014…

  1. Jimmy disse:

    Best of luck for the future folks!!


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