We are back!!

We are back!

After a long time with no new postings, we are now back on track! In our last field trip we had the opportunity to have two great collaborators with us. One of them is an old collaborator, Dr. Taiana Costa, a Brazilian veterinarian who has been helping the Blue-fronted Amazon Project for several years now. It has been a long time since her last field trip with us, and it was great to have her back!

The other one was a new collaborator, Dr. David Perpiñán. David is a Spanish veterinarian specialized in zoological medicine, with a large experience on avian medicine. It was his first trip to Pantanal, but surely not his last one!

They both joined Vandir (our brilliant field technician!) and I for four days during the Blue-fronted Amazon breeding season. During these days we have checked many tree cavities and nest, and we monitored many nestlings. It was a fantastic field trip, where we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience.

We even got to witness a very rare event… a jaguar, at midday, taking a bath in a pond near the road! It then just sat under a shade and stayed there, relaxing during a very hot day. We were all amazed! And I have to admit that it was my first jaguar seeing in over 20 years traveling to Pantanal! These two collaborators really brought us good luck! And we will be remembering this story in our every field trip now!

Thank you very much Taiana and David!

Glaucia, David, Vandir and Taiana (Image: David Perpiñán)

Glaucia, Taiana and Vandir monitoring a nestling (Image: David Perpiñán)

The jaguar, taking a break after a bath! (Image: David Perpiñán)

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  1. Jimmy disse:

    Thanx for the update – looks like a great birding spot


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