Check out the new video of female parrot and nestling!!

We are sorry  for the gap on the postings. 2010 has been a busy year for all of us. But we are back, with new posts, pictures and videos!

From August to November 2010 we registered the reproductive activity of a couple of Blue-fronted Amazon at the Caiman Ecological Refuge ( This was possible due to the donation of the equipments from IdeaWild ( to our Project. We were very excited to use our new camera and recording devices!

It took us about 80 hours of filming with two cameras, one microcamera inside the nest, and one outside the nest. We registered the parental behavior of the parrots with the eggs and nestlings. From the very beginning, the female was very devoted to the nestlings, keeping them warm and fed several times a day. The male was busy keeping guard on the nest, and also caring for the female and the nestling, by feeding them. Parrots, as other psittacine bird, are very loyal to their mate and stay together for life.

We are glad to share with you the result of this filming! See link below. The female on the left screen, and the nestlings on the right. It was a great experience to film the entire growth of the nestlings, until they were fledglings and ready to fly freely.

We hope you enjoy the video! Leave us a post if you liked it!

Glaucia and team

Video of female and nestlings in the nest

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Uma resposta para Check out the new video of female parrot and nestling!!

  1. Sylvia disse:

    Thanks for posting this wonderful footage, Glaucia! I’m looking forward to seeing more.


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