Instituto Família Legal – Helping local families in need

On Dec 12th and 13th I had a chance to meet with the artisans, children, and teens from the Instituto Família Legal (, at Bonito (, Mato Grosso do Sul, and lecture about the Blue-fronted Amazon Project.

Walkiria introducing Glaucia.jpg

Walkiria, the coordinator of the institute, introduced me to the kids and artisans. Image: Giana Correa.Glaucia talking to the artisans -Image Giana Fernandes.JPG

Lecture to the artisans – Instituto Família Legal. Image: Giana Correa.Glaucia lecturing to the kids and teens.

Lecture to the kids and teens – Instituto Família Legal. Image: Giana Correa.

This meeting is the result of a partnership established earlier this year, with the coordinator of one of the projects in this institute, the Fibra Viva Project. This project, coordinated by Sinéia Milano, has as objective to generate income to women in need assisted by the Instituto Família Legal, through the manufacturing of items made of reused and recycled materials.These products are sold directly by our team on our lectures/seminars, and also by the Ecoloja, one of our great partners ( – some of their products follow a ‘parrot’ trend, check it out!

Bolsa de Madame - Foto Glaucia Seixas.JPG

Neoprene parrot bag - Image Glaucia Seixas.JPG

Large Parrot Bag, and neoprene Shoulder Bag – Fibra Viva Project. Images: Glaucia Seixas 

Detail of the parrot - Ecoloja

Detail on Parrot Bag – Fibra Viva ProjectImage: Glaucia Seixas.

During the two afternoons that we spend at the Instituto Familía Legal, Lucia and Giana, from the Fundação Neotropica do Brasil (, and I learnt about the importance of this great job done by the institute. The 11 artisans and 30 children/teens showed a strong interest on the issues related to the illegal animal trade and on the activities of the Blue-fronted Amazon Project.We also gave away a T-shirt of our Project to one of the artisans, and gave prizes to the best drawings and sentences made by the kids and teens. We hope this was just the start of a long term relationship. We truly appreciate this opportunity and we congratulate the wonderful job made by Walkiria, Sinéia, the teachers, and the staff of the Instituto Família Legal.

Girls painting - Image Giana Fernandes.jpg

Giving prizes to the best paintings - Image Giana Fernandes.jpg

Kids painting and receiving prizes – Instituto Família Legal. Image: Giana Correa.

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