Special guests at The Blue-fronted Amazon Project!

In July, the Blue-fronted Amazon Project received the professor MSc. Elaine A. Carvalho dos Anjos, actual coordinator of the Biologic Sciences course of the Dom Bosco Catholic University (UCDB) (http://www.bducdb.ucdb.br), at Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. In August 2008, the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil (http://www.fundacaoneotropica.org.br) established a partnership with the UCDB, allowing their students to participate on the Blue-fronted Amazon Project. Since then, the Project has received many UCDB students and volunteers, and in that field trip, Elaine and I created new goals for this promising partnership.

Elaine taking notes in the boat

Image: Glaucia Seixas

Elaine taking notes and watching the parrots with Vandir

Image: Glaucia Seixas

Elaine taking notes and watching parrots with Vandir.

In September, the Project received two special guests that, in addition to Joao and Vandir, contributed a lot to our field activities. One of them was the biologist Lucia Maria Monteiro, the project manager of the the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil. Lucia works at the headquarters of the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil, at Bonito, and currently coordinates the Guia ECOnsciente Project, financed by the CITI Foundation. Her 5-day visit to our Project had the goal to increase the exchange of expertise between the different projects of the Neotropica Foundation of Brazil. We believe that this manner we can amplify the nature conservation actions at Mato Grosso do Sul state.

Lucia holding a nestling

Image: Glaucia Seixas

Lucia holding a nestling.


Image: João Augusto


Image: Beatriz Caminha

Lucia and the rest of the team, measuring the nestlings and preparing the rapel.

Our second guest was Beatriz Caminha, who has being a great collaborator of our Project. For three days, Beatriz assisted in our field activities, with the monitoring of nests, eggs, and nestlings of Blue-fronted Amazon in Pantanal.


Image: Lucia Monteiro

Beatriz and I measuring a nestling.


Image: Lucia Monteiro

The team monitoring a nest.

Beatriz and Vandir monitoring the roosting site at Aquidauana River

Image: Glaucia Seixas

Vandir and Beatriz  are counting parrots at a roosting site at Aquidauana river.


Image: Glaucia Seixas

Beatriz and Lucia, watching the parrots.


Image: Glaucia Seixas

Beatriz and João opening the  field gate.


 Image: Lucia Monteiro

Vandir monitoring a nest,  while Beatriz and I are taking biometry measurements of a nestling.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their help, pictures, opening fieldgate, annotations, and also for ‘sharing in’ mosquitoes and ticks with us! We hope they have enjoyed the experience and that they keep helping the Project, more and more each time! Hope to have you again in the field with us sometime soon!


Glaucia Seixas

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