A lot of work and not enough funding…

The reproductive season is coming, and that is when we have to double our work load to monitor 200+ tree cavities and check the eggs and nestlings. But it’s not only the work load that increases this time of the year… our costs doubles as well. And I am very worried on how to continue the Project’s activities, particularly this year, due the low financial support and donations. Yes, I do apply for grants, but I get almost always the same answer… “We understand the importance of your Project; however, we need to give priority to endangered species”. Ok, we do need to protect endangered species. But we also need to avoid threatened species to become endangered!! Otherwise, we are always trying to mediate the problem, rather than preventing it from the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago, in our last field trip, our jeep broke again… We had to stop the data collection and go back to the city to have it fixed. It is a 1994 Vitara, Suzuki, which I bought used on 2004. Needless to say that I bought it from my own pocket – I don’t even know how much money I’ve invested on the Project to keep it running. Maybe putting our own money in our project is something that every researcher does at some point – but now I’ll no longer be able to financially support the Project.

I understand that the financial crisis is affecting everyone, but I also believe that actions to preserve the nature are fundamental to maintain our life quality in the present and for the future. Maybe we should realize that each of us can do a little bit, and that all together we can do a lot more.

We are in depth grateful for every single donation. But we need more help and support to continue the Project. I work for the parrots’ conservation with all my heart and I’ll keep doing it until I no longer can. And I won’t allow the negative answers of funding requests to put me down. Give a deep breath, and keep thinking other ways to find funding sources – that’s what I am going to do.

If you can help us, either by donations, of by helping marketing the Project (or in any other way you might think it could help), please do so.

I want to express here my sincere thanks for those who have been heping us during all these years, either by financial and logistic support, partnership, and volunteering. Muito Obrigada! Thank you very much!


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8 respostas para A lot of work and not enough funding…

  1. paula disse:

    Hi Glaucia (is this you?) please please let us know who is writing – that way we can interact with you properly. It’s great to read your stories again. Perhaps we can plan a fund raising campaign together? I suspect that there are lots of parrot lovers out there who would want to help you. Let me know if we can help.


  2. Hi Paula,
    It would be great to have a fund raisin campaign. What do you suggest?!
    Thank you,


  3. I would like to thanks Audrey and Sylvia for the donations!
    Muito obrigada! Thank you very much!
    Glaucia Seixas


  4. João Burini disse:

    Would the project be accepting volunteer work from biology students?
    About fund raising, why not try merchandising online? I clicked the link in the corner of this site but saw only T-shirts with the WildlifeDirect logo, I’d surely buy one pretty T-shirt with a parrot on it, and a lot of bird lovers would too :)


  5. Hi João,
    We do accept biology, veterinary, and zootechny students as volunteers. However, because we do not have a fixed station in Pantanal, it is hard to receive volunteers from other countries. For this reason, the majority of our volunteers are from Mato Grosso do Sul. Another limiting factor, is that our team do not dominate the English, what would make communication hard if the volunteer does not speak Portuguese.

    Regarding the items for sale, the do have t-shirts (with our logo, and parrots!), rings (which look like legbands for birds!), and post cards (with images and text of the project).
    The products can be acquired directly with me, and I can mail them. Some products, such as the t-shirts and rings, can be acquired at the Ecoloja website: http://www.ecoloja.art.br/,
    and they partially transfer the profit to the project.
    We soon will be selling new products in partnership with the Fibra Viva Project (http://www.familialegal.org.br/loja.htm). These websites are in Portuguese. If you are interested, I can check the possibility to sell and mail the products to other countries.
    Thank you for your interest! And let me know if you have any other question/suggestion!

    Glaucia Seixas
    Coordinator of the Blue-fronted Amazon Project


  6. Rebecca disse:

    I’ve just posted this on my Facebook profile, I have 500+ animal lovers on my friends list so hopefully a few will donate!
    Also sending a very small donation myself, wish I could do more – maybe later on. :)


  7. Natalia disse:

    Olá Glaucia!

    Sou estudante de biologia e também tenho grande interesse em realizar estágio voluntário no projeto. Gostaria de saber com quem eu poderia obter mais informações à respeito. Quem é o responsável pela seção de estágio ou pela seleção de estagiários? Existe algum e-mail pelo qual eu possa entrar em contato?

    Aguardo retorno.
    Natalia Camps.


  8. Olá Natália,
    obrigada por seu interesse em estagiar no nosso Projeto!
    Entrarei em contato com você em breve.
    Um abraço,


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