Parrots International Symposium 2009

On May 31st, I presented the Blue-fronted Amazon Project at the 5th Parrot International Symposium (, held in Las Vegas, from May 29-31st (Video – Parrots International Symposium 2009). The Symposium program featured 20 speakers from across the globe, a very full schedule. Presentation topics ranged from parrot conservation, aviculture, behavior, and veterinary medicine. I am thankful for Dr. Mark and Marie Stafford’s invitation – Founders of the Parrots International, Dr. Anna Cronkap‘s financial support – Parque das Aves Foz Tropicana, and the translation provided by Dr. Yara Barros – Technical Director of the Parque das Aves. Several other Brazilian Projects were presented besides the Blue-fronted Amazon Project:

Carlos Bianchi “How we can improve our knowledge about endangered species: a contribution from the Pfrimer’s Parakeet project”, Brazil.

Dr. Mathias Dislich – “Development of a Macaw Reintroduction Project: A case study”, Blue and Gold Macaw and Green-winged Macaw
Reintroduction Project – Igaucu Falls, Brazil.

Dr. Neiva Guedes – “Factors that influence the reproductive success of Hyacinth Macaw in Pantanal, Brazil”,The Hyacinth Macaw Project – The Pantanal, Brazil.

Dr. Yara Barros – “Spix’s Macaw Recovery Program: Retrospective and Perspectives”, Brazil.

The meeting was great, and it was definitely helpful to to divulge the Blue-fronted Amazon Project and to raise awareness for their conservation. Keep tunned! More news coming soon!






Dr. Anna Cronkap – Parque das Aves Foz Tropicana


Dr. Mark and Marie Stafford – Parrots International

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  1. paula disse:

    Congratulations! Great to hear from you. Keep up the stories.


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