Collaboration from a PhD in Applied Ecology

During May, Glaucia, Vandir, and Thayane received Dr. Vivian Ribeiro Baptista-Maria, a biologist and PhD in Applied Ecology from ESALQ/Universidade de São Paulo, accompanied by Daniela Masumoto, a BS in Tourism. During the field trip, Dr. Vivian helped us to identify the plant species consumed by the parrots or used as nest cavity. Dr. Vivian is consultant of Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil and is responsible for the environmental consulting Bíon – Consultoria Ambiental ( Two days (and nights!) of hard work, rain, sun, mosquitoes, and ticks. Dr. Vivian’s voluntary collaboration was fundamental for this part of the project, when the data of 11 years of project are being analyzed for results compilation and publishing.vivivan-e-daniela-especies-vegetais-do-pantanal_800x600.JPGVivian and Daniela identifying plant species.vandir-glaucia-e-vivian-identificando-as-arvores-no-pantanal.JPGVandir, Glaucia and Vivian checking the trees.vivian-consultando-os-livros.JPGVivian checking the books.We deeply appreciate her collaboration, as well as Daniela’s help on the field work. We are also thankful to the superintendent of Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil, Eleri Rafael Muniz Paulino, who supported the trip by making funds for gas and a vehicle available.Some more pictures of this field trip for you!vivan-e-os-carrapatos.JPGVivian and the ticks! :0)vivian-e-glaucia-na-mata-ciliar.JPGVivian and Glaucia at riparian forest.daniela-e-vandir-trabalhando-na-neblina.JPGVandir and Daniela in a haze.glaucia-daniela-vivian-e-vandir-na-mata-ciliar.JPGGlaucia, Daniela, Vivian, and Vandir in the riparian forest.vandir-vivian-daniela-e-thayane-com-os-ivros-e-amostras-durante-os-trabalhos-noturnos.JPGos-guias-da-caiman-observando-os-trabalhos-da-equipe.JPGThe guides at Estancia Caiman taking a look at out work.vandir-e-vivian-observando-as-arvores.JPGVandir and Vivian appreciating the trees.vandir-vivian-daniela-e-thayane-na-mata-seca.JPGVandir, Vivian, Daniela, and Thayane.vivian-e-daniela-registrando-a-identificacao.JPGVivian and Daniela registering the data.vivian-e-glaucia-conferindo-as-informacoes.JPGVivian and Glaucia double checking the data.foto-menor.JPG  Vivian in her way to the sampling spots at riparian forest of Aquidauana river. :0)

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  1. Very nice work, good to see such dedication! Send a link and ill reciprocate;)


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