Diet of blue-fronted amazon parrot in Pantanal…

Since June 2005 we have been studying the dietary ecology of the blue-fronted amazon parrot in Pantanal, Brazil. Every month during the field trips we observe and register the vegetal species consumed by the parrots. When is not possible to recognize the vegetal species in the field, we take pictures and collect samples for further identification at the Ecology and Botanic Laboratory at the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), a federal university in the state. Glaucia and Vandir observing what the parrots are eating.Samples of leaves and fruits to be send to the lab.Samples to be send to the lab                       Vandir and me observing the parrots eating (top) and samples of leaves and fruits to be submitted to the lab (bottom).  The identification of the species used to be done by Dr. Ubirazilda Maria Resende, and now is done by the biology undergraduate students at UFMS: Tatiana Souza do Amaral, Thales Henrique Dias, Thayane Ely Lima and Verónica Ramírez Martinez. Tatiana and Veronica working in the lab.                                                                         Tatiana and Veronica checking references for identifying the samples.  Thales identifying some samples. thayane-identificando-em-laboratorio.JPG                                                                Thales and Thayane identifying samples in the lab.  The specialized bibliographies used are ‘Frutos e Sementes’ [Fruits and Seeds] (Barroso et al., 2004) and ‘Botânica Sistemática’ [Systematic Botanic] (Souza & Lorenzi, 2005). Specialized Bibliography                                                                                                                                Thanks to the constant efforts and dedication of this team we soon will be able to make available the diet of blue-fronted amazon parrots in Pantanal!Thank you all!                                                                                                                                       A great team of biology students: Veronica, Thales, Thayane, and Tatiana.  Thank you guys!Veronica, Thales, Thayane and Tatiana.

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4 respostas para Diet of blue-fronted amazon parrot in Pantanal…

  1. Great team work! Very interesting to see how this research is carried out in the field. Many thanks to these hard working students.


  2. Stephen Flynn disse:

    Is the diet of Amazon Parrots strictly vegetarian or will they sometimes eat bugs or some kind of animal life? I fed mine a couple nuggets of dog food which he ate with relish.


  3. Scott Carpenter disse:

    My Blue Front Amazon will happily eat chicken, steak or pork chops (trim all the fat off). He’s maintained good weight, has excellent color and the vet is happy with his health.

    Unfortunately his previous owner got him hooked on french fries, and we can’t bring them into the house. If he sees them or smells them he won’t stop screaming until he gets one.


  4. Gail Jeans disse:

    I found your site very interesting & imformative, I have to admit I knew the illegal bird trade was pretty bad, however I had no idea they actually took the young chicks from their parents.

    I really admire the work you do, so are truly very special people.


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