New partners and support…

During February and March, the field activities of the Project were done under the financial support of Parrots International. The funds were donated trough the representatives Mark e Marie Stafford. I presented them the Project, after the invitation of Dr. Neiva Guedes, when they were visiting the Hyacinth Macaw Project in Pantanal. The financial support from Parrots International during these months was essential and we really appreciate their contribution!!
Other important moment for the Project during the past days was the signature of a technical cooperation contract between the Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot Project (via Fundação Neotropica do Brasil) and the Instituto de Meio Ambiente de Mato Grosso do Sul (IMASUL). This cooperation will facilitate data, equipment, and personnel exchange between us and will strengthen the Project. We would like to thanks Dr. Francisca Fernandes, the manager of the Fauna e Pesca/IMASUL, Dr. Vinicius Lopes, and all the team at CRAS (Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center) for their cooperation and support for the parrots’ conservation.
We are very grateful and would like to thanks Emerentiane and anonymous person for their donations to the Project !!!

Thayane in a field trip in February
Veronica in a field trip in February.
Thayane (top) and Veronica (bottom) in a field trip in February.
Glaucia at the CRAS
The beginning of the partnership with CRAS.

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2 respostas para New partners and support…

  1. Wonderful news! Thank you to everyone for helping all these beautiful parrots. I hope the weather is cooperating as well!


  2. Lucia Cristiana, Brasil disse:

    Thank you for this great update. Good work.


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