The flood season at Pantanal

The flood season at Pantanal has started. Dr. Sergio Galdino, a researcher at EMBRAPA-Pantanal, explains that Pantanal is a plain surrounded by plateaus where springs of the main Pantanal’s rivers can be found. The large extension of the plain (140,000 km2) associated with its low declivity collaborate to a complex flood system in the region. At the flood season (Dec to May), the water from the rains at the plateaus associated with the rains at the plain area overflow the flat landscape – the water levels rise more than three meters!

A big group of herons (can you see the white dots on the threes?) at their roosting site.

The cattle raisers must transfers the herd to higher lands, in attempt to avoid the flood. But it is not only the Pantaneiro cowboy who works under rain – our team too! On our March field trip we counted the parrots and analyzed their behavior during the rainy season. In several occasion we had to leave the car and evaluate the area by foot.

Joao and Vandir are checking if the car will be able to cross this flood area.

Vandir and Veronica.
Vandir and Thayane.
Our boots…
Veronica checking the parrot’s behavior.
Veronica checking the parrot’s behavior.
Veronica’s boots were full of water!

Despite making out work harder, we are happy with the flood, because it is a blessing for the whole ecosystem of Pantanal! :-)

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Uma resposta para The flood season at Pantanal

  1. Wow, look at those boots! I hope the mosquitoes aren’t too bad. Great work!


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