Introducing Gláucia

Glaucia Seixas began her career at a Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center, which every year receives, rehabilitees and find a destiny for hundreds of nestlings of Blue-fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva). These birds are captured from their nests at Pantanal, Brazil for supply the national and international illegal animal trade. Concerned with the parrots, Glaucia Seixas begun your work for the species’ conservation on 1997, called “BLUE-FRONTED PARROT PROJECT”. Since then, Since 2004 she has dedicated herself exclusively for the BLUE-FRONTED PARROT PROJECT, trough a non-governmental organization, the Fundacao Neotropica do Brasil.

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Gláucia conducts research and conservation to raise awareness and to protect the Blue-fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva) which is threatened by the illegal capture of this parrot from their natural habitat.

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Uma resposta para Introducing Gláucia

  1. russ disse:

    what beautiful brids,i have four amazons 3 blue fronts an one hondurs, i run a brid rescue, an rescue lots of other animals too. i wish i could donate but i can not just want to say keep up the good work an thank you.


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